dri-line series - bottle & can drying solutions

Applying ACI's drying technology enables filling companies to maximise the benefits offered by today's innovative labelling and packing technologies with no compromises. Whatever the line speed, ACI has the drying solution for you.
ACI's DRI-Line Series gives the customer a choice of 3 main configurations which are dependant on issues such as the customer budget, noise and spray containment requirements, and space availability on the production line. 

‘LNL' (Low Noise Level) Drying System

  • The ‘LNL' system, is ACI's premium drying solution whereby both the centrifugal blower and the air delivery device(s) are completely housed within a robust stainless steel enclosure
  • This configuration protects the blower from spray contamination and attenuates noise levels well below 85 dB(A)
  • A section of conveyor can also be offered, whereby ACI can pre-fit all air delivery devices (i.e. Airknives, JetPlates, Can Tunnels etc)
  • Can be fitted with solid/windowed hinged or sliding door arrangements

 Description: ACI LNL DRI-Line System

Air Delivery Options

ACI has taken care to develop a number of innovative, efficient and cost effective solutions that fully maximise the use of blower-driven air for successful bottle, can and pouch drying processes.
Not content with just offering customers Airknife Technology, ACI has developed other products for the Industry such as JetPlates, Can Drying Tunnels, Cap and Neck Dryers.  All products ensure that an optimal drying solution is supplied. 


  • Traditionally only available method for delivering blower-driven air
  • Great alternative to compressed air
  • Excellent performance but small changes in angle of attack can significantly reduce effectiveness 
  • Installation can be awkward, especially cutting guide rails
  • Can be supplied in either Stainless Steel or Anodised Aluminium

Description: ACI DRI-Line Series - Airknives 


  • Improved drying performance
  • Simple installation - Jet Plates act as guides
  • Air is delivered at high velocity very close to the bottles
  • Little or no adjustment necessary
  • Single bottles should pass through without falling (there are some exceptions)
  • Choice of Slot configurations to suit application:  i.e. Twin Slot  for ‘stumpy' bottles, and 300mm high JetPlates for 3 litre bottles

Description: ACI DRI-Line Series - JetPlates

Can Drying Tunnels:

  • ACI can offer a bespoke solution to drying all sizes and areas of cans with their unique Can Tunnel design
  • Water dispersed by innovative slot design
  • Design produces less turbulence, lower noise than conventional Airknife solution.
  • Can Tunnels contain all spray, and can be simply adjusted by one operator
  • Additionally the tunnel construction acts as an acoustic enclosure
  • Can Tunnels constructed from polypropylene sheet with a stainless steel plenum
  • Can be applied to single or multi lane conveyor lines

 Description: http://www.aircontrolindustries.com/userfiles/image/3d11-0061-1.jpg

Cap & Neck Dryers:

  1. Cap Dryers
    ACI's cap dryer is a small nozzle manifold with a fixed array of nozzles that allow air to blast away any liquid present under the cap of the bottle. The unit is primarily used on bottles with crown caps
  2. Neck Dryers 
    Designed specifically for the drying of wine bottle necks for the purpose that neck labels will effectively adhere to the bottle

;Description: http://www.aircontrolindustries.com/userfiles/image/3d11-0060-2.jpg  
Image above: ACI's cap dryer