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Description: Monoblocco RT6-1C Riempimento isobarico elettronico 400 b/hx 750 mlMonoblocco RT6-1C Riempimento isobarico elettronico 400 b/hx 750 ml


Gravity and or low vacuum fillings are recommended for still, non-dense products such as, for example: still water, wine, alcoholic beverages (vodka, whisky, brandy, etc.), fruit juices without particles, vinegar, milk, chemical products and foodstuffs in general. In the case of gravity filling, the opening of the filling valves to the main tank, is controlled by the neck finish of the containers, lifted by mechanical plates with spring thrust and cam return and blocked in the filling position against the relative gasket. With perfect sealing, the liquid fed from the tank flows through the holes positioned on the end part of the filling valve and runs along the walls of the container. At the same time the air or inert gas present in the container escapes from the upper hole and returns into the tank or, in the case of separate return, is evacuated outside of the latter. Thanks to this hole, the product filling level in the containers is determined with extreme precision without having to perform further levelling. Millimetric Filling Thanks to the preparation of a particular type of Filling valves and construction, the low vacuum filling machine allow to perform millimetric adjustment of the filling level, up to a maximum of ±'b1 10 mm, from the control panel. The relevant pump determines a slight depression in the tank, so that when the filling valves opens, a depression is created inside the container, via the air return hole. In this way, in the presence of a perforated container or with chipped inlet mouth, this is not filled therefore avoiding product waste and dispersion onto the frame. Marketing of faulty bottles is also avoided. Other important features: all filling valves exclude exchanges between the gases contained in the tank and the environment air, they have limited use of gaskets in order to limit bacterial proliferation and they can be easily removed thanks to a quick disassembly system and are equipped with an opening device for individual or centralised pneumatic sterilisation. The level can be adjusted with the aid of relevant spacers on the standard, (from 30 to 80 from the mouth level) or centralised (from 30 to 90 from the mouth level). Height adjustment and the adjustment of the centralised levels of the filling valves can be manual or electric with selector switch or connected to a PLC program. The liquid supply is adjusted automatically by a stainless steel, pneumatically-activated butterfly valve with modulating opening in order to prevent hammering. The inside of the tank has a conic shape in the filling valves connection area to guarantee complete emptying and has a butterfly drain valve. It can be realised in the heavy or light version, completely finished with machine tools, with thick polished sides, all without sharp edges and with radial welding for more efficient sterilisation. Options Stainless steel base structure in modular version Motorised adjustment of the filling turret height with container pre-selection Levels centralised adjustment Motorised adjustment of the height of the pre-set levels, with pre-selection of the containers Automatic/simultaneous opening of the filling valves Programmed opening of the filling valves for rinsing with wine Semi-automatic wine rinsing tank Centralised lubrication; model: progressive distribution Spray balls for quick washing Bottle descent safety device Semi-automatic dummy bottles with position control Dummy bottle discharge manifold with machine running. Programmed tank emptying analogic probe for feeding pump control Machine prepared for equipment with quick coupling Drainage wells inside the machine fitted and sent to a FIMER supplied small tank with full tank acoustic control.


High vacuum filling is used for dense viscous liquids (vegetable oils, syrups, etc.) in glass containers or high-resistance materials. Differently from gravity or low vacuum filling devices, this filling takes place by the creation of a vacuum in the bottle and this makes product infeed into the container easier. Once the desired level has been reached, any excess product is collected in a tray on the ground and sent back to the main tank or managed according to customer requirements. Vacuum intensity can be adjusted on the basis of the density of the product and the production to be obtained, within the speed limits allowed by the machine. All general mechanical features of the tank, the filling valves, the lifting devices and the adjustments are the same as those listed in the gravity/depression filling section.


Monoblocco SRT 12· 12· I PK Glassa aceto balsamico Produzione 2500 b/h x 800 ml

Description: Monoblocco SRT 12· 12· I PK Glassa aceto balsamico Produzione 2500 b/h x 800 ml


The Fimer production range boasts also non-traditional filling productions or special assembled machines manufacturing according to the specifications and requests of each client. Special features that makes each machine unique.

Monoblock SRTEa 24-24-8-12 VA Mignon Monoblock for production 16000 b/h mignon 30ml entirely in AISI 316,
tank group and ground vacuum pump on one support, 8 diameter mignon faucet with no leakage of alcohol, dummy bottles assembling predisposition, VA 8 heads capper, 12-heads star rotary labelling machine on the same monoblock, monoblock for round and square mignon bottle.

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