FIMER: rinsing


Completely automatic treatment that takes place on a rinsing machine with mechanical control and fixed nozzles SA, a variable rotation system for rinsing and/or blowing glass and synthetic containers. The principle on which this system is based offers the possibility to manually adjust, treatment times.

These times are defined by the cam positioned on the central distribution device, maintenance-free, and depend on the speed of the rinsing model chosen. The gripping device holds the bottle around the neck, taking it from the infeed star and overturning it in a radial direction until it is perfectly centred on the sprayer nozzle. The distribution control unit has an injection blocking device if the bottle or container is missing. The nozzle starts to inject water and/or detergent solution and/or sterile air, in order to remove noxious residues from the bottles and can be varied by simply acting on the distribution manifold.

The rinsing liquid is collected in a duct avoiding dispersion onto the work surface and may be sent back into circulation. The dripping period starts at the end of the injection phase, followed by a blow for the detachment of the residual drop on the neck finish of the bottle. The gripping device turns the bottle over again and places it on the outfeed star.

The construction is completely in stainless steel and anti-oxidants and self-lubricating materials. The pick-up buffers are shaped according to the profile of the neck finish of the bottles and are supplied with a quick-extraction device. The electrical adjustment of the head height can take place via selector switch or PLC program. ·Options Motorisation adjustment of the height with pre-selection of the containers.

Progressive centralised lubrication Sterile air filter (0.2my) Preparation for double infeed on the same channel Washing product recirculation tank with pump, connection for automatic top-up and micro-filtration system Mobile nozzle system Semi-automatic dummy bottles for system sterilisation Automatic dummy bottles Fumes intake for the extraction of noxious gases/vapours.

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