fimerFIMER was born in 1970 in the heart of one of the most ancient and famous Italian wine-making zones of wine, from which appreciated wines draw origin.

The founder, Bruno Mogliotti, initially employs his experience and his innovative ideas to satisfy the necessities of our land-wine producers, creating a series of middle-small filling machines, proper for limited productions of high quality.

FIMER's machines have been immediately appreciated for the adoption of advanced technologies and the care in the details.

The good reception reserved by the market to the first products and the customers increasing satisfaction, spurs more and more Bruno Mogliotti into the study and the production of sophisticated and integrated models.

That’s why finally growing up monoblocks, multi-function plants which, in a single production station, perform rinsing or blowing phases, filling and bottles closing.

The technological performances and the perfect synchronism between the different operations made by these multi-functions machines have immediately a great success, thanks to a notable reduction of the costs and to the limited operating surface required compared with the three separate machines.

The continuous constructive successes of FIMER also favor the request of machinery from manufacturing that don't operate in the wine’s field, but reaching the soft drink, spirits, beer, oil, water and partially also the chemical one.


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