lantechLantech, the leader in secondary packaging solutions, builds stretch wrapperscase erectorsshrink wrap machine, palletizers, and palletload conveyors to unmatched quality standards. Founded in 1972, Lantech has more than 65,000 stretch wrap machine placements worldwide and more than 150 U.S. and foreign patents for its stretch wrapping innovations. Its Global network of 175 sales offices and Technical Packaging Center can provide the stretch wrappingcase equipment, shrink packaging, palletizing and conveying solutions to improve productivity and reduce packaging costs

Stretch Wrapping Equipment

Q-300 Series
Stretch Wrapping

  • Maximum versatility. Wraps large, tall, heavy or fragile loads including doors, windows and more!
  • Maximum safety. No pinch points or trip hazards. All motors and wires completely enclosed.
  • Intuitive controls require little or no training.
  • Lean manufacturing process builds in quality and reliability.
  • Years of trouble-free and worry-free operation.
  • All of the features and benefits of the Q-300XT with even more automation.
  • Wraps load and moves it out of the way for the next load.
  • Eliminates double-handling of load by fork truck operator.
  • Standard load-on-conveyor configuration accommodates two pallets.
  • Add additional conveyor sections to optional load on turntable configuration to accommodate up to four pallets.


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