hilge: maxa


Single-stage, end-suction centrifugal pumps made of heavy duty, rolled stainless steel. Major dimensions and characteristics conform to DIN EN 733.

The pumps are used, in the brewhouse of breweries, for beer filtration, beverage, dairy and food processing, as well as UF filtration systems, hot and cold water, brine, condensate and CIP fluids. Further applications are in special systems in the chemical and manufacturing industries, surface treatment, environmental technologies (water treatment) and the textile industry.

Description: MAXA-CN

  • Stationary on base plate in process construction with bearing housing, Coupling and coupling guard, IEC standard motor, protection class IP 55


  • Bareshaft
  • With base plate without motor
  • With flexible coupling

Fields of Application:


  • Stationary on pump foot / motor foot
  • IEC standard motor with supported, plug-in shaft

Fields of Application:

Surface finish
In order to meet the demands of the pharmaceutical food and beverage industries, HILGE has developed the below surface finish requirements:




Surface finish



CrNiMo steel




CrNiMo steel

Ra ≤ 3,2 µm

Deep-drawn, heavy duty stainless steel casing and back plate manufactured from austenitic stainless steel (AISI 316 range). Closed Impeller featuring optimum blade entry angles.

  • two channel impeller (gentle pumping)

Shaft seals:
Single,internal mechanical seals to DIN 24960, cooled and cleanable due to its optimum position in the product flow. Seal materials of construction compatible with media.
Double mechanical seal in tandem or back-to-back arrangement with flushing and barrier water connections for MAXANA-DIN/N.

Connection types:

  • Flanges to DIN 2632/33 PN 10

Options include special connections to ANSI, threaded fittings to DIN 11851, stainless steel small flange and other standards on request.

Technical data (depending on pump size and number of speeds)

  • Flow: up to 800 m³/h
  • Differential pressure: up to 10 bar
  • Working pressure: up to 10 bar
  • Operating temperature: up to 150 °C

Additional options:

  • Casing drain point DN 15 other sizes available
  • Vertical tank mounted pumps or sump pumps (MAXA Bloc-VE)
  • Special paint for electric motor, cast-iron and steel parts
  • Motors with special voltages and frequencies
  • With flame proof three-phase motor
  • Packed gland as shaft seal, single or flushed with C bearing support to DIN EN 22858 and shaft protection sleeve
  • For double mechanical seals, depending on model, either with flushing or barrier water thermosyphon systems

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