new technology


A quick and easy way to determine the alcohol content of wine.

Self calibrating, portable unit to calculate the alcohol measurement in 30 seconds!


The alcohol content of a wine is an important factor for:

  • determining its quality
  • monitoring the production process
  • marketing
  • export

Many of the procedures used to determine alcohol content are complex and therefore prone to error and time-consuming.


ALCOQUICK 4000 uses a patented, spectroscopic multiple beam measuring procedure, which is based on special wavelengths in the infrared spectrum and allows the ethanol content in the wine to be calculated directly.

Regardless of the grape variety, ALCOQUICK 4000 can be used to measure wines from very different growing regions with high levels of accuracy - despite the variance in ingredients so typical of natural products. A sample of just 40ml is taken automatically and in less than 60 seconds the ethanol content is displayed as a volume percentage (% vol.) or in grams/liter (g/l). The system can also be supplied with an ultrasonic densimeter. The user interface, another innovative feature of the new system, uses intuitive symbols, making it easy to operate.

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